Work/Project Focus:: Communication Consultant

Communication Consultant, ElectraNet

Portfolio Example

The Communications Consultant is accountable for the effective analysis, development and delivery of business wide communication, public relations and marketing initiatives. All company media, advertising and promotions are managed centrally through this role.

Major community consultations for ElectraNet included the Tungkillo, Mount Barker, Davenport and Adelaide Central Region projects. It also included consultation and conciliation for the Clare project.

Major projects included the website redevelopment, complete brand upgrade across the board, recruitment brand implementation, and major recruitment drive to London and South Africa.

Major stakeholder events included the Bridgewater Mill dinner with Ministers, the Australian String Quartet playing to the school musical community in Port Augusta and management of ElectraNet’s appearance at many of our sponsor functions – including attendance when executives were not available.

Major internal communication strategies included the staff multicultural day, staff engagement campaign, and revamping of all internal communication mechanisms, in particular the staff newsletter.


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