Work/Project Focus: Contract, Brisbane

Contract, Brisbane
Communications Lead
charliedesign was hired to help with an internal communications campaign for the implementation of a company wide software upgrade. the overall project’s goal was to change the day to day life of all staff. small feat.
i wasnt employed, nor was intended to strategise the “how” communications would inform staff of changes however, the project team lost their communications lead one week prior to go live. i was contracted within 48hrs and in brisbane working before i could blink. it was timely, im flexible and enjoy travel. simple solution. i was contracted to help implement the post go-live communications strategy already drafted and partly in-train. to keep things on track and to fully implement. easy.
by day two of contract i had the sense the change management team were stressed and a tad unprepared but we made the best of the situation we could. there were system changes, business process changes and staff culture changes to tackle. the communications campaign had been written and was well and truely into implementation mode so the main focus for my role was to ensure actions from the daily “war room” (a meeting dedicated to hearing risks and issues from sites) were considered and completed. my skills for communications strategies was needed if things went off track ie risk mitigation (crisis).
it happened. communications went off track.
within the first week of go live i had to draft and have endorsed a new communications plan for post go-live implementation. the reason being, it had been established that most staff on “sites” didnt read the emails being sent out by the communications team which had been the agreed main communication dissemination method! this in turn meant most staff didnt understand what was going on, didnt receive system information or know about training requirements and so on. this wasnt always the fault of staff – Some staff simply didnt even have an email address.
this development had potential to seriously jeopardise a successful project. this was very much centric to staff (users) not understanding new business processes, new activities, and new resources needed for a successful implementation.
so, i devised a new simple communications plan to create “tips for the day”. the plan ensured we disseminated via multiple channels being email, intranet and workplace posters, and we then created weekly manager briefing notes to ensure managers could communicate to their staff in their weekly catchups. finally, we made the intranet central for all resources.
by week two feedback was far more positive and the “tip for the day” had turned into “tips” ie multiple per day.
the contract was short but important.



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