Work/Project Focus: UniSA



Opportunity to be involved with a Creative Thinking class. Provided students with two scenarios to consider, debate and evolve themes. Here they are:

SCENARIO ONE: global impact starts locally: engagement. each person has the ability to make change. how do we engage to get the real conversation happening. how do we make sure the ordinary person on the street has the ability to have a say, be heard, inspire, and make a difference? we speak of new rules of engagement. Engagement could be on sustainable issues, council dilemmas, etc

SCENARIO TWO: inside social networking: collaboration. since its inception corporate, professional groups and bodies have (typically) rejected social media and networking platforms. how do we establish a strong social network where we can interact and collaborate inside a corporate body without it being seen as ‘social networking” or “fluffy nonsense”. we speak of news ways to collaborate.¬†Collaboration could be for knowledge discussion and transference, etc.

University of South Australia

Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences
Art, Architecture and Design


4 thoughts on “Work/Project Focus: UniSA

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  2. The courses I teach in creative thinking at the University of South Australia have had the benefit of Charlie’s input from a social media perspective. The range of professions represented by my students, design,education,business,marketing,event management etc have had the opportunity to experience first hand from her; applications of the principles I teach to the real world my students are about to enter. Charlie through her specialisation has assisted me to make this transition for them seamless, a process often difficult when one gets consumed in academia.Her wide experience has been invaluable in helping me make the ‘connection’ visible and possible. She has provided the confidence often lacking in students to embrace the changing business landscape and successfully apply their knowledge. Students can only get this from experienced and innovative practitioners like Charlie and in my thirty years of teaching nationally and Internationally she is one of the best in her field.

    We are currently negotiating for the development of a ‘social media unit’ within our program that can embrace the principles of Charlie’s work and will be using her expertise to advise on how this new approach can create an exciting new dimension to our student’s educational experience across a range of diciplines.

    Ron Corso, lecturer ‘Creative Thinking and Design’

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