Initiative: OFFICEGroove

OFFICEGroove is a friendly co-working space for professionals in the heart of Port Adelaide. If you are a business startup or making the transition from home office to full workplace for business growth, this solution is ideal. For one weekly rental fee we get you into the office groove with a simple serviced solution.

OFFICEGroove believes your business is in our best interests and therefore we create an environment for networking, collaboration and success. We’re into your business in a big way. Let’s work together.

What you can expect:


  • 24/7 building entry
  • Clean office environment in a well maintained heritage building
  • Dedicated desk with chair and cabinet
  • Meeting room facilities
  • Tearoom / kitchen facilities


  • Monthly Friday Drinks
  • Business & Networking Event Awareness
  • Local Event Awareness

Group discounts will be negotiable for two or more persons.


4 thoughts on “Initiative: OFFICEGroove

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  3. A great concept that is in the process of turning a non performing rental space in Port Adelaide currently suffering from a dose of ‘cronic inactivity’ into a success.A wonderful example of applying creative and innovative thinking, business strategy and social networking in ways that are beginning to challenge traditional models of doing business…the way of the future.
    Charlie has applied the classic Edward Debono principle of not being able to ‘dig a new hole by digging the same hole deeper’to give me an insights to how my business can work in new ways to be successful.
    Unfortunately for me as the owner of the space my cohort of paid advisors and real estate professionals were digging me the same hole deeper and with me at the very bottom as far as my $800,000 investment was concerned.
    Charlies ideas, strategies, advice and hands on application right down to the interior design and fit out gave me the confidence that it was going to work.
    I’ve now dispensed with the so called ‘traditional experts’ allowing Charlie Design to manage the space and am happy to embrace with full confidence new ideas through OFFICEgroove

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