what are they up to now?

i guess you’ve noticed that you havent had any page suggestions recently. me too.

#facebook has a little glitch in the system (its a known error) however page administrators can no longer “suggest to friends”. whether this is something that will stay like this forever is yet to be determined however with the new look page layout and the ability to wander #facebook as the page, rather than as yourself, a whole raft of new promotional ideas come to mind… so instead of getting frustrated ive implemented and share a few ideas here with you:

a) use the promote feature and buy an ad. yep, pay for it. doesnt cost much, depending on the size of your page, and its worth it’s weight in gold to see just how many people click through and have a looksie at your stuff – and how many “like it”.

note: re the “like it” – a lot of people havent yet worked out they need to do this… so we have to have a period of patience.

b) tag people and things in your comments, notes and status updates. not only does this promote them – or it – it also provides the link for someone to go and check it out. hopefully with the end result that they then “like it”.

note: i cant stress to keep this relevant to the comment etc… please dont random tag

c) use photos. gosh… tagging a person in a foto inside of a business page is powerful. it shows they were there (ie “a friend did that, so i should too”).

note: i cant stress enough to keep the foto of the person. random fotos tagging random people is spam. avoid it. it annoys people. that said – the fun/game ones are cool…

So, adverts, tagging and fotos. Three simple things… what else have you tried and did it work?


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