social media evolution, do you agree?

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remember the statement “if it hasnt integrated, it isnt working”… well have we really integrated social media into business? sometimes im not so sure. if you thought about it, how would you answer these questions:

  1. do you sit online all day and post updates? does that result in anything positive for you? have you increased sales?
  2. do you learn? do you discuss relevant topics? or do you just play games?
  3. do you feel more aware, more connected, more informed.
  4. have you won a job through your connections? have you lost a job?
  5. did you get rewarded with your lastest contract because of the relationship you built up through your friends list?

im curious how you have integrated social media into your own world. and whether you think it is helping. be honest. dont hold back.

from my own perspective, my wine group wouldnt exist and i wouldnt know half the people i do. it has been a fantastic networking tool.

from my own experience it has helped me develop and grow in strength, personally as well as professionally. there have been both moments of pure joy and times of intense challenge. each have given me the opportunity to learn.

but i still dont believe social media is perfect and feel in many ways we get it wrong. experts are currently writing about social media integration into the workplace as a good tool for relaxed and informal learnings. this is something i’ve done for years. i read copious amounts of research. i am a soak. reading is my life.

do i feel this will help others in the workplace? i’m not so sure. it will help many in particular fields ie the traditional communications/media and IT related fields and even those used to forums for discussing subject topics ie engineers. but will it help a dentist? or a call centre operator?

  1. does it help you in your profession. how?

interestingly, if we consider this space for a second and the integration of social media practices into the workplace we could liken this to a B2B model, rather than B2C. or, colleague to colleague, rather than person/service to customer/consumer. looking at it from this perspective/model is helpful. it would alleviate “spam” (ads in the B2C model) but will it give facebook the model they want? ie one that generates money and raises awareness of causes?

sounds like social media evolution to me. do you agree?


3 thoughts on “social media evolution, do you agree?

  1. Great blog, Charlie.

    This is really getting to the point for social media and the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of social media and social networking engagements.

    For both business and individuals we need to use social media in a strategic manner, to minimise the risks it poses while maximising the opportunities that can be reaped.

    I gave a seminar on this very thing at UniSA last week, to help academic researchers understand the opporuntities available from social media and social networking. Hopefully it was a lightbulb moment for those present.

    Keep up the good work.

    • the “ahaaaa” moment. would love to have seen the lightbulb for the the group as the conversation space is very becoming in social media – the ability to discuss and theorise is where its strength is. and i cant wait til business learns this and moves away from the traditional advertising model which creates spam and turns people off. i do believe a lot of this has been stopped through facebook’s latest “weighting” system and the fact we can no longer suggest pages to friends etc. but there is a long way to go!

      thanks for your thoughts xc

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