Social media returns to print to capture memories

Capturing the moment is a very big element for social media. It is “in the now”. Be there or be square.

And in this context many moments and memories are generated and treasured.

How many of you have laughed over a status update that “went off” or rejoiced over a favourite photo praised etc. These memories and moments remain with Facebook always, and that’s generally where they stay. Forever. Until now.

As humans, many of us like to “collect and keep” memories ie the old fashioned photo album or picture in the frame.

So, many services are starting to be developed and shared that do this exact thing for us. Many of them are Facebook related as this is where the “memories” are generated. Have a look around, there are many available. Some are simple applications. Others go on to generate a hard copy print to be posted to your address. This is the best part – through social media, we have returned to print to create and capture the permanent memories.

Here are a few services that I have successfully tried, that I would like to share.

Number One: The Social Print Studio

Facebook Friend Poster
All of Your Facebook Friends
Ready for Your Real Life WallLarge 20" x 40" print
Customizable Options
Quality Photo Paper
Awesome Gift
Only $25 +shipping
Get a Digital Copy for $7
Shipped Internationally

Here’s Mine:

Number Two: Social Memories or

A facebook application that generates Photos to share with friends of your most popular words, friends and pictures.

Step two is to purchase the hard copy book that rocks up about two weeks later. It is a BOUND HARDBACK in YOUR name.

Here’s mine:


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