Social Media Strategy: Writing Content

Social Media Strategy: Writing Content:: Status Updates

Keep them basic and simple.

Do you need to get a message out? Not sure what to write or even how to? It’s quite simple when you live and breathe communications every day like Charlie, however many business owners are just too busy inside the business (focused on the business) to devise long messaging campaigns with schedules for our Facebook Business Pages and Twitter (etc) to keep up with the Jones’s or our competition. But, this is crucial to appear:

  • approachable
  • believeable
  • consistent
  • reliable
  • true.

So, Charlie has a few tricks… we give clients a few words to get them started and into the swing of things. Think about these words (below) in context of your own business and you’ll be writing easy status updates for weeks. Seriously.

Prepare.  Share.  Care.  Aware.  Dare.  Stare.  Beware.  Spare.  Rare.  Wear.

Now apply:

Are you prepared to hear what our business is about to announce? (builds anticipation and could start a conversation and excitement)

We are so excited to be able to share our new venture/product/staff member. (a statement for a launch or something new is OK and doesn’t need to generate the conversation)

Our focus is on you and we care what you think, please let us know about …xyz. (asking a question… expecting an answer)

We dare you to have a go at creating a few sentences on your own. Don’t sit there and stare at our blog/status, come in and visit us or drop us a line if you need help. Once you try, you wont stop. Each time you flounder, return to the list and start again… Are you prepared to give it a go?

Remember… if you keep a song in your heart you will stay in tune.


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