Corporate social responsibility in social media, its EISE

In the most traditional sense this means to give back, to ensure the community remains healthy in it’s social environment.

re corporates, we are referring to those who have major impact on our infrastructure, life, environment, health and wellbeing. We are talking anywhere from BP to SANTOS, from Telstra to Optus, from Origin and AGL to ETSA. However, this also encompasses government departments and ministers responsible for our roads, waterways and health. They all play a part.

In many instances these corporates have dedicated employees managing programs to ensure community benefit programs are successful and the corporates reputation is maintained. These programs may be used, for example, to return the environment to the state it was before they (the corporates) arrived. These programs are to maintain goodwill in the community.

Maintained, that is, with a community that is becoming far more aware and media savvy. Far more reactive.

Charlie believes that with the emergence of social media and the associated word of mouth social networking comes a new dawn for corporate social responsibilities and practices within the programs implemented. They become higher risk and more important in brand management (reputation).
With this in mind, corporate employees responsible for these programs also need to be more risk aware of the social media impacts, to adapt, to ensure community benefit programs meet corporate needs and remain successful. Corporates need to embrace social media and networking philosophies, and ensure they are at the FOREFRONT of these emerging technologies to embrace a community who will react using these same methods.
No longer is our world one where we can turn a blind eye and continue archaic management styles by ignoring the world is changing. If our corporate employees are better prepared for the global social media world at large, our communities will be better off too. We have our kids to protect, our community to support and our employees to mentor. And this is all about helping to make our planet a better place to live. For everyone.

It’s EISE:
engaging, for
interaction, to
support, and


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