Unearthing – the idea (via CharlieRobinson Says)

The words we use to describe actions can be of major significance to a brand. The DeadReds WineGroup has been using the term “unearthing” for a number of years and it goes straight into the heart and purpose of the group’s aim with this one single term. We unearth old wine. We don’t rescue it, we don’t just drink it and we certainly don’t simply taste it.

To unearth a bottle means so much more. It adds so much life to the group. We unearth to understand its history, share its journey, and care for its contents.

My book, “Unearthing”, will discuss the journey of unearthing the social media avenues the group took along the way.

And Unearthing new ideas has become a way of life. How many more will we unearth over time. No one knows and that’s the beauty. #unearthing compliments

Unearthing - the idea Am only sharing this email as it’s a reference for my Unearthing term – rather than say “he said…” I thought I would just print the screen and put the image in here. #easy #enjoy   ron.corso@unisa.edu.au Ron Corso Uni SA … Read More

via CharlieRobinson Says


1 thought on “Unearthing – the idea (via CharlieRobinson Says)

  1. ‘unearthing’ is a wonderful term and from it’s inception through the DeadReds group it has become a metaphor for the creative process based on the assumption that creativity is a trait within all of us……..just waiting to be unearthed. This is what ‘Unearthing Ideas’ the facebook page and business owned by Charlie Robinson and Ron Corso has as its mission.
    We all can all inspire each other, we can all work together and we can all make a difference…. creativity will unearth the capacity for human beings to continually change their world for the better.

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