CharlieDesign: Insights into my Facebook Page is so engaging

From experience after having a personal profile suspended, to needing to remain ethical for business and family reasons (teaching the kids how to “do right”), Charlie brings this interesting insight to share and consider. Please take the time to read.

Charlie says…

“My pet peeve in social media is businesses using Facebook incorrectly as a personal profile, not a page. This is mainly from the point of view of ethics, authenticity and transparency… but its also against Facebook guidelines and rules. And sites like Facebook retain good policies and practices for a reason ie protecting the younger, the vulnerable and stopping the bullies. So, if businesses bend rules in one area… why would they not in another? Point blank, I don’t like it.

But there’s also a very valid BUSINESS reason why a business should use a Facebook page and not a profile. The analytics.

Please read on…


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