interacting with experts: steve thomas speaks

An interesting topic of discussion raised recently is that of Privacy. In particular with Facebook and why strangers would want to “friend” another when they are initially unknown to each other.

There are actually many reasons why this happens, however over the past few years the open, relaxed attitude towards the practice has gone. People feel they must know the person before they connect.

We recommend writing a personal note to the person explaining why you wish to connect as being the “best practice” if you wish to still approach strangers. We also only recommend adult to adult connections! ~Lets Engage Socially


So, to offer a differing perspective and to create a more positive light around this subject, Charlie has unearthed this historical blog which takes a look at how an original Facebook friendship “hookup” may have happened. And the benefits for both. Please then consider this scenario anywhere other than in a social media setting and it all appears quite normal ie through word of mouth, Charlie introduces herself as someone who can help another.

The blog, originally written in 2008, is light hearted and from Charlie’s personal page, but the case study remains very valid. Steve and Charlie remain friends today.

interacting with experts: steve thomas speaks.



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