RiAus’s Women In Innovation Luncheon – a write up of personal outcomes

Sitting next to Dr Lisa Bailey at RiAus’s Women in Innovation Luncheon we agreed to use the #riaus and #wit hashtag during the panel discussion to “make it theirs”. It was as simple as that. But, now for the adoption. The take up. The engagement. That is never as simple.

Today’s panel discussion had some highly educated, classy and well connected women. They were impressive. Even the ex-minister Ms Jane Lomax-Smith was charming, and humerous, while keeping the group light hearted but focused.


It was my first experience at a WIT function and I wasn’t let down (aside from maybe food selection being a tad boring – but oh well – suck it up). The topic and panel responses had me enthralled. My takeout wrap comes from my own experience, for these past two years I have completely struggled with how to sell myself and explain what I do. It’s apparently a known scientific fact that women don’t know how to do this – we don’t have the same ego as our male counterparts and so constantly undersell.

Previously, I had always been employed by either a large corporate, or government. I did my job (extremely) well and accomplished a million (wonderful) things. All with little acknowledgement aside from my own contentment that I was doing OK (fantastically well). Don’t get me wrong I haven’t been shy about going about these tasks – the silent achiever award being one of the most laughed at by others to prove this… but… I tend to take what I have done for granted.

Until recently. My shift came with my new motto “an experienced voice of reason in the crowd”.

It gave me a sense that I had “come of age” and knew what I was talking about. .

Previously I felt “too young to be taken seriously…” but… this theory was shot down in flames during the panel discussion – and they were right. It was my own barrier. No one is too young. And their passion can be a driver for even bigger success.

Now, I may not know every single product, service or technological scenario BUT, I do know the underlying principals, processes and theories to help businesses reach their goals. I’m also good (excellent) at research and how to ask questions. And I have always been on the IT side of communications, hence why I enjoy (love) social media and online. So, it’s of no surprise when I looked through my portfolio of certificates and diplomas that this shone through. What does all this tell me? Well, firstly I should become a member of WIT and secondly I need to apply the same principals that I apply to my clients, to myself. I need to work out how to sell myself – and then not feel uncomfortable about saying it.

So. What am I good at? Let’s examine that here.

Well, I’m good at connecting people, understanding business processes to innovate and be creative in finding solutions. I am determined to implement and see a project through and professional with neogotiations at any level to gain a successful outcome. I am results orientated. I am big enough to walk away, strong enough to stay. I focus on the facts and I don’t like dumbed down. I care.


The appreciation for what I achieve is always heart felt and first class.


Aside from managing a vast range of major projects, and having a passion and love for social media (even writing a book about a journey through it), my main thrust of work these past ten years have been in communications. So, here’s the basic list that I share of my skill set:

  • Brand Development & Management
  • Communications (Internal & External)
  • Community Engagement
  • Customer Service
  • Event Management
  • Media, Public Relations & Networking
  • Research & Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Training
  • Website Development & Management
  • Writing/Editing/Reshaping.


But many people still say, “so what do you actually do?”. Well, my new answer will be “whatever you want me to do”.


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