HISTORY | Remembering our first #twandup session

Using the online conversation starter, and micro-blogging site Twitter, we conducted a stand up comedy event in 2010. We believe it was a world first. It was called “twandup10“. Our first effort with #twandup10 was successfully exhausting and we all made some valuable observations, reservations and hesitations about running another! Something we are considering though. Running another that is 🙂

In essence however, the event runs with official “Twingetwits” (online twitter comedians) sharing one liners in theme whilst being heckled, who are then judged by vote on twitter at the end of a thirty minute session. Judging was based on Twingetwits having displayed interaction, humour, judgement and an ability to engage, amuse and be retweeted!

There’s more here about the original: http://socialmediabutterflies.wordpress.com/2010/02/06/twandup10/

and here http://www.newsmaker.com.au/news/2484

and here http://stevedavis.podbean.com/2010/02/07/steve-davis-and-sean-perry-discuss-twandup10-on-online-insights-on-fiveaa/

The #twandup10 tweet stream got messy, busy and fast, but it was #fun!

Original : http://www.flickr.com/photos/charlierobinson1966/4378674820/


8 thoughts on “HISTORY | Remembering our first #twandup session

  1. Hello there! Just a quick note to say that I notice you’re following me now. I hope you find me entertaining/interesting/and worth your time. Thanks!! 🙂

    • and likewise hun!! i write about 4 different blogs for various parts of my business and life, so hopefully you enjoy the trail i lead as well 🙂

      i like your quirky style. keep up the great work 🙂 xc

      • Gosh you’re a busy little bee! I’ve just signed up to follow your personal one!

        I really need some more “reading’ time. And just time in general.
        PS I love that you’re a vegemite fan!

      • OMG i LOVE my vegemite… love starting my day with it – had to repost!! hehehee and yes, busy busy busy – need more hours in the day. i guess if there were – i just fill them up anyway?

        my reading time is at night… my partner watches TV (and falls asleep) and i read via my lappy. have just started following a heap of new blogs (like yours) to mix up my day. i find it helps to inspire my thoughts. a lot like my new addiction to pinterest!! 🙂 xc

      • Yes!! Thank you so much for the repost. My first one BTW!

        I’ve been hinting at a iPad for ages. That way I could do my blog stuff while my man watches TV. Obviously this is in his best interest as he would get full remote control privileges.

        As yet though, zero iPad packages waiting for me when I get home. 🙂

      • Did you know you can wordpress from your Android? ie mobile fone. I do 🙂 If I see something interesting… I take a foto and upload. Or a comment etc… no need for silly smilly ipads to hold you back!! 🙂

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