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Social Media is much bigger than we give it credit for. It’s not just about PR or just about marketing.” ~ Brian Solis ~

Strategic plans. To be or not to be? Social media needs a well-articulated idea of why, what, when and how to appear approachable, believeable, consistent, reliable, true.
Reading: The chocolate “ECLAIR” theory
Tactical plans. Social media is easy. Or is it? Best practices, knowing when and how to engage, what to say and how, and using the best and most effective tools to produce maximum results and efficiency.
Reading: Social Media Strategy: Writing Content
Reading: Social Media Philosophy for Charity: To Commit, Champion and Celebrate.
Experience. Do you  know what you are doing? What is your network? Too many companies get excited about social media but don’t or won’t allocate experience to actually make it happen.
Lack of content that is compelling, engaging, interesting or valuable. At the end of the day, great content and stories make social media successful.
Build the relationship. Social media is a conversation. Build relationships, have conversations, engage, interact, share and connect. This takes time, effort and experience.
Risk. Lack of social media policies for internal and external engagement (staff and clients) can seriously damage a companies reputation. Do you understand this space to deliver?

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TIPS | Four Quick Facebook Ideas

The following information had been shared originally/posted onto the CharlieDesign Facebook Page. They have now been collated here, for ease and later referencing. Enjoy!


TIP ONE | Check your Facebook Page post settings, things have changed. The image is of the DeadRed WineGroup admin area, demonstrating the new settings that help you control your page.


This one is new and the most curious:

“Only show posts by DeadRed WineGroup and friend activity on your Page until reviewed by an admin”

You need to check this box if you don’t want posts by others to be publicly visible on your Page until you “Allow on Timeline” from the Activity Log. This is called CONTROL.

And remember, people visiting a Page can always see:
– Posts by the Page that haven’t been hidden
– A list of their friends who like the Page
– What their friends are saying about the Page
– Recent posts to the Page made by others


TIP TWO | The About section at the top of your page (where mine says Public Relations) is driven from your own page’s Info section. It depends how you initially set the page up (category selected) as to what displays. Typically, it mimics what used to display under the page image.

TIP THREE | Consider the four squares (at the top of the page ie where mine starts with the image “writer”) under your cover banner image. Use them. Switch to the most important items you want people to see first. Photos, notes, apps, events… not “likes”.

TIP FOUR | Never has it been more important to include your logo or watermark on photos posted… keep the image yours by claiming ownership through “markings” or loose it via google search or Pinterest. Be warned. Photographers in particular!! Further, and as watermarking has become so important, I had been watching out for something to make life easier for “Mr Regular Business Owner”. Found this tool for download, that looks quite good and produces very easy on the eye results. The examples page demonstrate how a watermark should look – subtle but there:


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